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Massage Gun

Improve your recovery process and sports performance with the FitGun! This massage gun has up to 6 unique attachments and 20 intensity levels so you can treat all muscles in the right way. 

Including 6 attachments, a luxery suitcase and a user manual with free tips and tricks



Air c pro

The FitGun Air-C Pro provides personalized compression therapy to speed you recovery process and enhance performance. Our professionally equipped leg massage device tightly wraps your feet, calves and thighs, loosening up tight muscles and breaking up stubborn knots. Even with just a few hours of use per week, you can expect great positive results during training AND in everyday life.

Including: A luxery bag, Digital Controller remote , Exclusive heat-modus and a user manual with free tips and tricks


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Improve your sports performance

We at FitGun love sports. Whether that’s running, fitness or cycling, we support everyone who moves in their own way. To support athletes in doing what they love most, we developed FitGun. Because we believe that good recovery leads to improved sports performance!

Pain- and injury free life

Eén van de vervelendste dingen is als je niet meer kunt sporten vanwege blessures of pijn tijdens het bewegen. Ons doel is daarom om ervoor te zorgen dat sporters pijn- en blessurevrij door het leven kunnen. Door bij te dragen aan het herstelproces van sporters komen we elke dag een stapje dichter bij het bereiken van dit doel. 

Researched and recommended

We only produce products that are supported by solid research and recommended by medical doctors and physical therapists.

Based on our experiences, customers are very pleased with the wide range of recovery benefits that come from using our products.

What our athletes are saying

Topsport vraagt veel van je lichaam, om iedere dag hard te lopen ben ik gezegend met FitGun. Mijn sportprestaties verbeteren aanzienlijk omdat mijn lichaam volledig hersteld is na iedere workout, het verschil is enorm!



Blood flow is essential for muscle recovery. By using the Air-C Pro you immediately experience the effect on your blood flow, by powerful air pressure massage the waste products leave the body faster. In my opinion the best product if you care about your leg recovery process.



Cycling is my lust and my life. However, there have been quite a few days when I didn’t feel like jumping on my bike because of heavy legs; the feeling that your calves and thighs are completely full. I have been using the Air-C Pro for 3 weeks now and those heavy legs are totally gone! I am completely sold.



Gebruik het na een heftige legday, scheelt een hele hoop pijn de day after!



I had been suffering from musle spasms almost every night. Since I start using the FitGun before sleeping to relax my muscles, I no longer suffer from these terrible muscle spasms at night!



After a long day of work you need to rest, nothing is better then resting with my FitGun.