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It's time to start feeling good again. We offer tools to help you recover faster and reach peak performance.


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Say Goodbye to muscle soreness and Hello to peak performance with our premium recovery devices!

FitGun’s innovative devices are designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts recover faster and perform at their best. With their sleek design, ease of use, and powerful performance, our recovery tools are a must-have for anyone looking to take their sports performance to the next level!

FitGun Recovery products


Watch the story from one of our clients that's world champion in kitesurfing.

FitGun Elite percussion massage therapy
FitGun Muscle Recovery for Athletes

Speed up your recovery process

An athlete's performance is greatly impacted by the recovery process. FitGun's products contribute to improving blood flow, removing waste products, and creating muscle relaxation. FitGun always keeps you in shape!

Muscle relaxation for everyone with FitGun

Let your muscles completely relax after a long day of work

A busy lifestyle has you up and running virtually 24/7. Rest and relaxation is so essential for continuing to perform in daily life and sports. FitGun made it so easy for you to recover from your long day of work. Just lay down, relax & recover.

Trusted by many athletes

We focus on high quality products and care about our customer support

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Fast delivery, high quality product and good customer support. I’m happy with my new massage gun!!


Love the customer support. They answered my questions within 1 hour.


If you're looking for a quick way to loosen up your muscles, you should definitely buy a fitgun.


To keep my body fit and pain free, I use these Fitgun products. It’s al about maintain my muscles.


5 starts, because of the perfect service afterwards. Received a ebook after purchase through email and get a lot of helpful tips as well.

FitGun Leg massage device

Pain free in less then 30 minutes

Designed to target soreness and stiffness to deliver deep tissue massage that promotes circulation and eases tension.

Get the Air-C Pro Now

Trusted by thousands.

Just some of the people that have speed up their muscle recovery by FitGun

FitGun Recovery for everyone
FitGun Athlete
FitGun happy customer
FitGun Recovery muscle recovery
FitGun Happy with Massage gun
FitGun Recovery Professional Athlete

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