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Using a Massage Gun in Athletics

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Using a massage gun in athletics provides you with a number of benefits as an athlete. Examples are the stimulation of blood circulation which promotes muscle recovery. Important, because only in this way you keep your body free from injuries. This allows you to improve your athletic performance in a responsible way.

The FitGun massage gun can be used effectively in athletics, but of course also in other sports such as fitness. But what is a FitGun massage gun really? What are the benefits and how should you use a massage gun in the right way? In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know about using a massage gun in athletics.


What is a FitGun Massage Gun?

The FitGun massage gun, as the name suggests, has the appearance of a gun. This makes it easy to handle and use for massaging almost any muscle group. A Fitgun massage gun has several attachments and massage heads. By using a massage gun in athletics, you are always sure of a customized massage.

With the heads you easily tune this massage to the needs of your body. Each attachment has its own specific properties. This allows you to provide different muscle groups with an effective and qualitative deep massage. A FitGun massage device contains the following 6 attachments:


  • Round massage head: this attachment is mainly used for massaging the larger muscle groups.

  • Dampener claw: This head is used for the blood circulation and massage of the spine, Achilles tendon and neck muscles.

  • Thumb: by placing this head on the massage gun, you can massage deeper tissues and muscles (deep-tissue) very specifically.

  • Flat massage head: this attachment is suitable for massaging the abdominal muscles. With this head you promote blood circulation and muscle recovery is supported. You can also use another thumb-shaped attachment. This one, due to its ergonomic design, provides a quality massage of the soles of the feet and palms of the hands.

  • Dampener: this massage head of a massage gun is for general use. For example if you want to give all your muscles a deep massage after a workout.

In addition, a FitGun massage gun has a touchscreen to make controlling the gun even easier. Through the touchscreen you can choose from as many as 20 different massage modes. These can be throbbing or strong vibrating pulses. The ergonomic design ensures that the massage gun follows the natural body shapes. In addition, the FitGun is equipped with a powerful battery with a life span of about 5 hours. You can enjoy a powerful massage gun, which is still pleasantly quiet in use.

What are the benefits in athletics of a massage gun and how should you use it?

A massage gun has the advantage of effectively speeding up muscle recovery. For example after an athletics training or a competition. Think of using the Fitgun for the shoulders, neck, legs and back. The massage stimulates the circulation. You run less risk of annoying injuries so you have all the space you need to improve your performance.

Especially during sports such as athletics, these muscle groups are heavily loaded. After training, muscle knots can easily appear. These are not only painful, but also have an impeding effect on muscle recovery. A massage gun or FitGun is used after training or competition. For example, to support muscle recovery. You can also use a massage gun as support during injury recovery. Also before the start of a training a qualitative massage contributes effectively to the prevention of injuries. Would you like to buy a massage gun because you are convinced of its benefits? FitGun may be considered the best massage gun of 2020. Promoting muscle recovery and blood flow by using massage gun are also scientifically proven.

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