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What are the benefits of a Massage Gun?

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What are the benefits of a Massage Gun? 

Of course it is nice to know how a Massage Gun works and in what way you should use the device. However, for many people the most important part is to know exactly what you can benefit from it. What makes the FitGun massage gun so special? Why should I absolutely choose to get started with this massage gun?

In order to give the best and most complete answer possible to these questions, we are going to take a closer look at the 5 biggest advantages that the use of a massage gun will have for you. These scientifically proven actions of the device can have great benefits for everyone. Especially with regular use you will quickly recognize them. We are talking about the following 5 benefits, in no particular order:  

1. Loosen muscles:   

One of the main goals of massages in general is to loosen muscles. Likewise with the FitGun massage gun. This is the reason why many people choose to use a massage gun during the warm-up. Thanks to the FitGun you loosen up your muscles, which prevents injuries and promotes muscle recovery. Moreover, the vibrations of the device cause the right energy to be released in the muscles. 

Tense, tight muscles have a higher risk of a strain or even a tear. The neck muscles, for example, easily become trapped through exercise. Of course you want to prevent this at any time. Especially if you are more injury-prone than others, the FitGun can be very helpful. It loosens up every single muscle in your body and makes it ready for an intensive exercise. Fitgun as a full body massage device, prevention is better than cure.

2. A massage gun speed up muscle recovery:   

On the other hand, the use of the FitGun is also very important after an intensive effort. Or even in between. By using a massage gun, you bring your muscles to rest. By doing so, you reduce the tension in the body as a whole, which means that you do not suffer for as long after an effort. This is especially helpful when you are between efforts, for example.

Bring the affected muscles to a quicker relaxation and ensure a better performance in the upcomming exercise. With the vibrations of a massage gun, toxic substances are discharged faster. Their negative effects are thus prevented. Because you can use your muscles better, you achieve better performance. For example, you are able to burn more calories through a faster sprint, strength exercise or other form of sport.  

In addition, the massage gun brings the muscles to rest at the end of an activity. So you use the device in the cooling down to reduce the tension on the muscles and also reduce the risk of injury afterwards.  

3. Improved blood flow 

Perhaps the most well-known and for many people the most important benefit of the FitGun massage gun is the improved blood flow in the muscles. After each massage, certain things in the body get going. You should think of:  

  • Improved blood circulation: Blood runs through the muscles faster and more efficiently after using this device.     
  • Increased muscle metabolism: Due to the increased blood circulation, the metabolism in the muscles also increases. This means that the muscles can get the right energy from the body faster and more efficiently.   
  • Increased supply of oxygen and nutrients: Your muscles get this energy, for example, from the increased supply of oxygen and nutrients. Both are in fact fundamentally responsible for the performance of your muscles.     

So you can see that an improved blood circulation, also called improved blood flow, provides a lot of highly desirable benefits after muscle exertion anyway.  

4. Maintenance of the muscles:

For many strength athletes, sprinters and other people who want lots of strong, healthy muscles, muscle maintenance is also an important part. Of course, you would prefer to have as many functional muscles in the body as possible. This is another point where the use of a massage gun comes into play.  

Muscles need to be stimulated in order not to break down. With the FitGun massage gun, you ensure that the strength and total degree of physical effort of a muscle increases. This means that your muscles not only become stronger, but also better able to withstand prolonged exertion. An optimal combination of strength and fitness.  

Again, this effect is certainly greatest after an exertion. With the use of a massage gun you also prevent overtraining and injuries. Both things cause muscle loss, since you would no longer be able to use certain muscles. The FitGun massage gun offers a perfect solution.  

5. More mobility and felxibility:  

The last major benefit of the FitGun

is often the increase in mobility and flexibility. Top athletes use a massage gun for a reason: to relax the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints. This simply allows you to make more different movements. For example, you can bend or stretch a certain percentage further. This allows you to take that extra step or reach a little further than you normally could.  

Moreover, flexibility also plays a positive role in preventing aches and injuries. The more flexible your body is, the less chance there is of overstretching, tearing or other forms of damage. 

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