The Solution for Restless Legs

on November 03, 2022




Restless legs occur mainly in the evening and at night when the body is at rest. That's what makes it so annoying precisely because that's when you need to go to sleep. The restless tingling feeling makes it impossible for you to keep your legs still. No position gives your legs the rest you want to feel. Do you want to get rid of this annoying common problem? Then read on in the blog below, because we will explain to you exactly how to get rid of this problem.


Restless legs is also known in the medical profession as restless legs syndrome (RLS). The name actually says it all. Restless leg syndrome causes a restless feeling in the legs, with each person varying whether this feeling takes place in the lower leg, upper leg or the entire leg. This irritating feeling can cause you to not get to sleep or (when you finally fall asleep) wake up in the middle of the night.


While a cause has still not been determined, there are several known factors that could potentially make the symptoms worse. Consider; smoking, drinking a lot of coffee, being overweight and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Well of course these factors also play a risk for other health complaints and therefore it is no surprise that these factors have a bad influence on the complaints of restless legs syndrome.

Restless legs are common in pregnant women; once the delivery has taken place, the feeling gradually disappears. The problem is also more common in elderly people and in general women suffer more than men.

Research shows that 10% of the population suffers from Restless Legs Syndrome. Are you suffering from this? You are not alone!


The best solution for reducing the symptoms is to improve the blood flow in the leg muscles. This can be done in several ways, with more exercise being the most natural way to improve your circulation. This is because exercise stimulates blood flow and causes waste products to leave the body faster. People who work in sedentary jobs or in general have too little exercise in their daily lives are more likely to have circulation problems. So to counteract this, it is advised to take a walk several times a day. Get those 10,000 steps a day! Because it could just make your legs cause far fewer problems for your health.

We really want to get the importance of blood flow through to you!

Hopefully that's done now... and we can move on to the next section where we discuss a unique solution for restless legs.


FitGun has launched a product where it is possible to improve your blood flow in a relaxing way and you don't have to do anything for it. All you have to do is lie on the couch and the product does its job!

Huh? I can hear you thinking. Yes, that's really too good to be true!

We have already helped more than hundreds of women and men reduce restless feeling in leg muscles and most of them swear by it!

Read below for Drs. N.A.C. van den Boom's operation and reference.


To properly explain the effect of compression therapy, you can compare a vein and the blood flow through it to a garden hose you use to water the plants and flowers in your garden. If you want to reach the plants that are further away in the garden, you will have to use a "trick" to let the water jet reach them. The trick you can then use is to apply "compression" (or pressure) to the garden hose, for example by squeezing it closed with your fingers. This causes the water to pass through the narrower hole of the garden hose with greater force. Thus, the water jet can reach farther and also water the plants at the back of your garden.

In a similar way, one can describe the Air-C-pro operation. By exerting compression on the veins, pressure is exerted from the outside on the legs by squeezing the veins here more tightly. As a result, the same amount of blood must pass through a smaller hole. Through this compression, the blood starts to flow faster and can therefore draw more fluid from the surrounding tissue in the leg. Thus, by ensuring that the diameter of the vein through which the blood must pass becomes smaller, it is possible to prevent or even completely cure a number of complaints.


- "Size reduction. Through back pressure, the blood flows faster, and more fluid is withdrawn from the edema area.
- "Improving blood and lymph flow in the body". Through the accelerated blood flow, the fluid balance in the body cells is restored faster.
- "Acceleration of the recovery process of an inflammation or poorly healing wound is accelerated". The recovery process of an inflammation or (open) wound is accelerated because the blood flows faster due to the compression and the edema of the surrounding tissues decreases.
- "Less tired legs". Blood is propelled toward the heart resulting in a decrease in fatigue in your legs.

" As you can read, compression therapy is an extremely suitable way to combat various health conditions, as well as the Air-C-Pro is an extremely suitable product to relax and boost muscle recovery. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this not only to athletes but also precisely when you suffer from edema in the legs, or have quickly tired legs after standing for long periods of time. "

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