Because of this, vitamin D allows your muscles to recover faster!

Vitamin D

We all know that nutrition plays an important role when we regularly perform moderate to intensive physical work. In order to recover properly from this work, we need certain nutrients that improve and accelerate muscle recovery. Vitamin D is one of these substances. Vitamin D ensures proper functioning of muscles and contributes to an increase […]

The connection between carbs and glucose!

Carbs and glucose

Carbs and glucose; they are perhaps the two most confusing terms when it comes to macronutrients. After an intense workout in the gym, your muscles are overloaded. In order for them to recover, they need nutrition. Carbs and glucose play a major role in this.But what is glucose a carbohydrate? Where is it in? And […]

Carbs before exercise? Be sure to start today!

“What are you telling me, start eating carbs today? I just started my low-carb diet!”. This is a statement that is said more often than it is given lasting results. Many people, athletes or not, have the thought that carbohydrates are not part of the physical results they want to achieve. But the opposite is […]

The importance of protein for your muscle recovery

Protein for muscle recovery

We all familiar with it, you have sore muscles after having worked out in the gym the previous day. Did you know that you are dealing with micro tears in the connective tissue of your muscles? Eventually your muscles will repair themselves and your muscle fibers can become thicker. This is exactly what most people want to […]