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Muscle pain, prevent or cure?

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Muscle pain, everyone has had to deal with it at one time or another and almost everyone finds it annoying. There are athletes who swear by muscle pain. It would supposedly be “proof” that you have been working out hard. For many, the satisfying feeling of a nice sore muscle is the reason to go to the limit. What’s not so convenient is the effect that muscle soreness subconsciously has on your body. Where muscle pain comes from, what it exactly is and (more importantly) how you get rid of muscle pain you can read in this blog.


How does muscle pain occur?

Muscle pain is, literally, pain in your muscles. Your muscles are constantly contracting and relaxing. Would your muscles not do this, you would have a big problem. Most people suffer from muscle pain after they have exerted themselves immensely. During sports, for example, but also when they have walked a long way or helped with chores. Before we look at how you could prevent muscle pain, it is of course interesting to know exactly where muscle pain comes from. There are two different types of muscle pain:

  • Early muscle pain
  • Late muscle pain


What is early muscle pain?

You can recognize early muscle soreness as a burning sensation during exertion. You feel early muscle soreness almost immediately. The pain comes from an accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. The nerve endings in the muscles are stimulated by the lactic acid and this causes pain. When more lactic acid is produced than the body can process, the muscles become acidic and feel cramped. This soured feeling does not last long. It goes away very quickly.

What is late muscle pain?

It takes a while for you to experience delayed onset muscle soreness. Usually you don’t feel it until the day after a major exercise. It is small tears in the muscle fibers that cause this type of muscle pain. Basically, the tears are not bad for you, they actually make muscles stronger. Your body recovers and becomes stronger than what it was before. It is a preparation for the next heavy load.


Reduce muscle pain, how do you do it?

Think back to the last time your muscles hurt. Did you suffer from early muscle soreness? Or did you have late ones? If your muscles become sore during exercise, you usually solve it by taking a short break. Your body gets the chance to process excess lactic acid and the muscle pain subsides in a short time. Delayed muscle pain is often precisely the muscle pain that people experience more. Did you really go over your limit? Then you can suffer for days. Fortunately, it is also possible to take care of delayed soreness so it hurts less and goes away faster. These tips will help you get rid of your muscle pain.

  • Take a warm shower

The cool down period after a workout is an important moment in the muscle recovery process. You ensure that your body relaxes after exercise or other intensive activities by taking a warm shower. Use a nice fragrance that relaxes you completely and you will soon notice that the muscle pain is significantly reduced. 

  • Adjust your diet

What do you eat before and after your workout? Eating a protein- and carbohydrate-rich meal after your workout helps to tone your muscles. Also, the amount of calories you eat during the day will affect your muscle pain.

  • Stay hydrated

The waste products in your body are diluted thanks to water. Do you drink enough water? Then they will be removed from your body as quickly as possible.

  • Move slowly

Does all of the above not work? Then take it easy for a few days! Give your muscles that time to recover. By the way, by taking it easy we do not mean sitting on the couch all day. For example, walk a block instead of going for a run. Or try a quieter sport like yoga.

  • Use a tool

You don’t have to leave your body to fate. You can give your muscle recovery a helping hand. Our Fitgun helps you with this. The Fitgun gives your body a wonderful massage experience that contributes to better circulation in the muscles. Because this massage device both vibrates and taps, even the most stubborn muscle knots come loose.

There are many different ways to relieve muscle pain. These tips are just the tip of the iceberg! However, it remains important to take good care of your body anyway. Eating and drinking well, taking sufficient rest and spoiling your muscles with warmth and a good massage bring the biggest benefits.


What is chronic muscle pain?

There is also such a thing as chronic muscle pain. Imagine constantly suffering from muscle pain that you seem to be able to do quite little about. It can just happen to you, stress, overload or an injury can be the culprit. Chronic muscle pain is not something you wish on anyone and the most annoying thing is that you could prevent it. By taking good care of your body, you make the chance of developing chronic muscle pain many times smaller.

How can you prevent muscle pain?

Muscle pain is of course better prevented than cured. But, in the world we live in now, we are not used to use our muscles at full strength. Jobs where you sit all day and get little movement ensure, among other things, that our muscles are much less used than before. The food and drink we consume also plays a major role in this. Are you already aware of this? Then you are probably taking steps to prevent this. In the break a walk around the block, stretching exercises during the workday and a good and healthy diet are crucial to prevent muscle pain.

Muscle soreness comes in all shapes and sizes. However it occurs, it is no fun! Whether you want to prevent or cure your muscle pain, we are sure these tips will help you. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Please contact us to ask for advice about our Fitgun.

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