Aircompression and heat therapy

An air-compression massager that can be taken anywhere, so you can let your body recover optimally while you relax.

The Air-C Pro recovery boots hugs your feet, calves and thighs firmly to stimulate the blood flow and easily loosen up tight muscles.

Powerfull massage treatment
Compression therapy is a massage method that works on air compression pressure. The air pads in the sleeve, are filled with air in a specific rhythm in order to be released again. This provides an intensive massage of the legs and feet.

For everyone
This natural treatment has traditionally been used in the medical field to improve blood flow, strengthen veins and speed up wound healing. FitGun has taken care of making this method accessible to everyone with the Air-C Pro Recovery Boots.

Effective treatment methode
Our device was designed because of the request of top athletes, but it is also highly recommended in the medical community for a lot of pain and injury prevention. So for the competitive athlete who wants to recover as quickly as possible after an intense workout, but also for the hard worker who needs to stand on his/her legs for a long time and for those who experience a lot of pain in the lower body, the Air-C Pro is an effective treatment method to give your body the relaxation it deserves!

Compression therapy is an appropriate method, if you recognize yourself in any of the following complications

For who is compression technology?

Discover the benefits for you

Air compression massage


Athletes need a fast recovery. Good performance results from intensive training when you feel at your best. Tired legs (restless legs), pain and muscle soreness are complications that can get in the way of your performance. FitGun air compression massage helps prevent these complaints and ensures that you will go through life injury-free and in top shape.

Heavy job

Do you do heavy work or do you have to stand all day long? Then there is a lot of lactic acid built up in your muscles, which leads to sourness or even cramps in the legs. The use of the Air-C Pro stimulates the blood circulation so that waste products (lactic acid) leave the body faster and you experience relaxation in the legs in a short time.

Restless legs treatment solution

Chronic pain patients

The Air-C Pro is very effective to combat chronic complaints such as restless legs and lymphedema. This massage technique stimulates blood flow to the areas that need it most, relieving pain and increasing mobility. Also, the Air-C Pro provides heat radiation to the knee, which shows positive results on annoying long-term knee problems.

People with a sedentary job

When you sit for long periods of time, the biggest muscles of the body are not used at all; especially your leg muscles. Decreased lymphatic circulation is a result of sedentary behavior (inactive lifestyle) and can lead to annoying unwanted diseases. Fortunately, using the Air-C Pro recovery boots helps to improve lymph circulation and can help you to avoid those problems.

And for everyone

We believe that your physical well-being is related to your mental well-being. The fundamental principle of FitGun is that you can exercise without restrictions and to push your limits without experiencing limitations. The body is the most important tool you have. Regardless of your age or gender. Maintain your body in an accessible and effective way with the Air-C Pro from FitGun.

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Recover like no one does with the Air-C Pro Recovery boots. The most effective recovery method for athletes, hard workers or people with chronic pain.

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