Massage device back

Massage Device Back

Did you know that during exercise you demand the most from the muscles in your back? Your spine and the muscles around it are constantly at work. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure sufficient relaxation after exercise. That is what you need the FitGun for! The last thing you want is to overstrain your muscles and not be able to exercise anymore. Massaging your back has never been so easy. With the help of this modern massage device you will take good care of your back muscles and tomorrow you can go back to the gym.

Using the fitgun as a back massage device

The FitGun is a powerful and professional massage device that gives you the ability to massage any muscle group in your body. Within no time the FitGun provides a quick recovery of the muscles. The different attachments are specifically designed to treat all muscle groups in the body.

  • V-shape: can be used around the joints
  • Ball shape: multi-purpose, for both the buttocks, legs, back, neck and shoulders
  • Cone shape: best used for knots in the muscles, joints and other painful areas
  • Flat shape: to be used on the chest, legs and shoulders as well as on the upper part of the back
  • Two-legged shape: best used on feet and calves, in front of neck and along vertebrae
  • Thumb shape: to massage the soft tissue.


But, this is not just a massage device for the back. The FitGun is suitable for truly massaging all muscle groups in the body. The recovery process of your muscles will be optimally activated and you will soon notice that your sports performance will only improve!

FitGun gives athletes the best recovery

Back muscles relaxing with massage

After you exercise, it is important to let your muscles relax properly. But, if you unfortunately suffer from a lot of back pain, then it is also important to train your back muscles properly. Spine gymnastics is a common method that can help. Here you use exercises to activate, stretch and strengthen your core. The exercises are based on methods from physical therapy, sports science and rehabilitation sports. With this method, blood flows more easily through the vertebrae and the intervertebral discs are better supplied with nutrients and fluid.

Massage device back

If you use this method in conjunction with your own FitGun, you will be giving your back muscles the relaxation they need. There are many ways to strengthen your back muscles. One thing is for sure, using a massage device for your back provides the perfect relaxation after a good workout.

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Thanks to the smart technologies contained in our massage device, it is a pleasure for any user to work with. The FitGun features a touchscreen control with 20 different modes. Despite being a powerful device, it is quiet during use. We fully stand behind our products. Not satisfied? Then you get the purchase price refunded.

Massage Device Back