Massage device for neck

Do you want to improve your performance in the gym without too much fuss? Relaxation of the muscles after a good work-out is as important as your visit to the gym itself! Did you know that a hot shower after exercising is not only nice to get clean again? The heat of the warm water promotes muscle relaxation throughout the body. Your neck muscles relax that little bit more thanks to the water. But, it’s not just showering that relaxes. A good, firm massage also offers what your muscles need. Are you sure you are helping your muscles? Then you need the FitGun!

A massage device for your neck

The fitgun consists of different parts that you can use to massage your neck optimally. These attachments help different parts of your body and thus remedy sore muscles.

  • Cone: can best be used for knots in the muscles, joints and other sore spots
  • Bipod: best used for your feet and calves, for your neck and along your vertebrae
  • V-shape: can be used around the joints
  • Ball: multi-purpose, for the buttocks, legs, back, neck and shoulders
  • Thumb shape: to massage the soft tissue
  • Flat: to use on the chest, legs and shoulders and also on the top

So you see, the fitgun is not only for the neck but can really be used on different muscles in the body. The recovery process of your muscles will be optimally initiated and you will soon notice that your sports performance will only improve!

FitGun gives athletes the best recovery

A neck massage with our massage device

While exercising, you are of course constantly paying attention to your posture. Are you standing correctly? Are you using the right muscles? Does it all look okay? Among other things, your neck bears the brunt of this burden. Whatever workout you are doing, the muscle groups in your body are working very hard. Sometimes they work so hard that you can get particularly sore muscles! Is the muscle pain so intense that you can’t train the next day? That’s bad! By accelerating your muscle recovery, you will be ready to train again the next day. You use this massager to get your muscles back to optimal condition. The Fitgun is easy to place on your strained neck. By moving the massager back and forth, your muscles will recover faster. You can adjust the position to give yourself a fine, effective massage.

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The importance of muscle recovery

Healthy nutrition and optimal care of your body are the two most important ways to recover your muscles. Are you going to exercise with muscles that actually can’t tolerate this at the moment? Then you have the chance of getting an injury. That is not necessary! Want to read more about muscle recovery? Take the time to read up, so you can take the best care of your body.

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