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Shoulders are complex joints that involve many different muscles. Maintaining all these muscles is often a task in itself. Especially if you are often in the gym! A shoulder injury often comes out of nowhere. This is something you want to prevent at all costs. With the FitGun you can massage your shoulder muscles with great ease and help them relax. With the help of this modern massager you will take good care of your shoulder muscles and tomorrow you will be back in the gym.

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A wonderful massage for your shoulders

Most shoulder injuries occur from exercise or from making a wrong, unexpected movement. The last thing you want is to visit the gym less. A good warming up and cooling down before and after a work out is therefore extremely important. The FitGun is ideal for this! It is no longer necessary to make an appointment with a specialist, because the FitGun makes it possible to massage your shoulder muscles yourself.

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Relaxation for your shoulder muscles

A good, firm massage is therefore incredibly nice for your shoulders. Massaging your muscles after exercise is important to prevent injuries. Your muscles work very hard in the gym and such an intensive work-out is very fat. It would be a shame to overstrain your muscles and have to postpone your next trip to the gym. To avoid this you can speed up your muscle recovery. This way you will be ready to train the next day. The Fitgun is easy to place on your overloaded shoulders. By moving the massage device back and forth, your muscles will recover faster. The tapping and vibrating movements provide a massage that reaches deep into the muscle.

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A shoulder massage with the Fitgun

The fitgun has different attachments to massage each body part optimally. You can also use different pieces to relieve your shoulder muscles.

The attachments have the following shapes:

  • Ball shape: this has multiple possibilities, for buttocks, legs, back, neck and shoulders
  • Thumb shape: for massaging soft (connective) tissue
  • Flat shape: is used to massage the chest, legs, back and shoulders.
  • Cone shape: used to treat muscle knots, joint pain and sore spots.
  • Bipod: ideal for your neck and spine, but also for the calves and feet.
  • V-shape: to massage around the joints.

massage apparaat schouders

The 2 attachments that are most effective for the shoulders are the ball shape and the flat shape. These form well over the shoulder blades and the shoulder joint. The fitgun is therefore suitable for effective massage, has a silent motor with long-lasting battery and includes an e-book for more information.