A Massage Gun; For More Than Just Muscle Knots.

Aan November 02, 2022
We all know that exercise is good for us. Therefore, you regularly work up a sweat and do the most strenuous work-outs. Your reward? An overload of muscle pain. As if the workout itself wasn't painful enough... Luckily, the massage gun is there for you. Drill that muscle pain away! If you're not familiar with the device yet, it's high time to change that. What is a massage gun and when do you use it? Do you have to be an (advanced) athlete? Do you have to have muscle problems? In short, why and when exactly do you want to buy this product? We will tell you!

What is a massage gun?

A massage gun is a relatively new device, but very popular among athletes. The device is said to make a positive contribution to muscle recovery... Does it? It does! You can turn on a massage gun, which causes the head of the device to give throbbing and vibrating motions. Putting this moving head against your muscles creates a massage effect. The vibrations stimulate blood flow in your muscles. Waste products can thus be better disposed of, which will eliminate muscle knots, high muscle tension and muscle pain. The nice thing about a massage gun is that you can control the intensity of the massage. Apart from the massage modes the device possesses, you can also press the device harder or less hard on your muscles. Sometimes your muscles can hurt so much that the slightest pressure is already too much.
A Massage Gun - How to use?

Massage gun versus foam roller

You could compare the effect of a massage gun to the effect of a foam roller, yet there are major differences. For example, with a massage gun you can massage very specifically the muscle you want. So you can work very specifically to, among other things, fix your muscle knots yourself with a massage gun!

When do you use a massage gun?

You already read that a massage gun can stimulate the blood flow in your muscles. But when exactly can you use this device? Is it only for athletes? No! The massage gun is for everyone.

Restless legs

A lot of people, athletes and non-athletes, struggle with restless legs or regular leg cramps. After a hard workout or long walk, your legs can feel restless. As if you cannot keep your legs still, because no matter how you lie down: it is not comfortable. This results in a kind of urge to move. It's a pretty irritating feeling. Those restless legs are one thing, but that cramp that sometimes shoots into your thigh or calf at night? Oh dear, that's painful! A massage gun will help you get back into relaxation mode. As the device stimulates blood flow, muscles will begin to relax. Say goodbye to restless legs and nighttime muscle cramps and hello to a good night's sleep!

Muscle pain

When you're just getting into a nice workout flow, there's nothing more irritating than being held back by muscle soreness or injury. You just want to have a blast, go for it! The device is ideal for top athletes, but also for amateur athletes. You can use it before, during or after training. The massage gun makes your recovery period after training shorter, because waste products are removed faster and ensures good blood circulation in your muscle tissue. Before you know it, you'll be banging out another great workout!

Sore muscles

There are few people for whom the sensation of aching muscles is unknown territory. Many people suffer from high muscle tension due to incorrect posture, stress or fibromyalgia. Whatever the cause of your aching muscles: you just want to get rid of them, right? Our massage gun can help you do just that. The device possesses no less than twenty intensity settings. This makes the device suitable for everyone.

These three complaints are only a fraction of the complaints, for which a massage gun offers the solution.

Are you very stressed or do you sleep badly? Even then you can use the massage gun. Stress or poor sleep can cause tension in your muscles. You don't always have to notice this right away. To prevent you from getting symptoms, you can also use the device. The same actually applies the other way around as well. High muscle tension can also affect your sleep quality. The pain may cause you to lie awake for hours, sleep very lightly or not be able to lie down at all for more than four hours at a time. So a massage gun not only boosts your muscular system, but also your sleep quality.

Massage gun against injury

The famous "warm-up" will probably not sound completely unfamiliar to you. By massaging your muscles with a massage gun before a workout or a long walk, you already warm them up. Warm muscles are a lot more flexible and stretchable than cold muscles. However, a massage gun not only benefits your muscles. A massage gun also relaxes your connective tissue, tendons and joints. By exercising with supple and warmed-up muscles, connective tissue, tendons and joints, you reduce the risk of overstretching and tearing. Thus, a massage gun reduces the risk of injury!

Which massage gun is right for you?

The FitGun massage gun comes with four unique attachments. For best results, you can use a matching head for each muscle group and body part. You can use the device on your arms, legs, feet, calves, knees, back, abdomen, chest and neck. Are you ready to improve your sports performance, speed up your recovery process and say goodbye to sore muscles and restless legs? Then buy our massage gun and recover like no one does!

A Massage Gun for more than just muscle knots


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