Are You Suffering From Tired Restless Legs? This Is Why Muscle Recovery Is So Important!

Aan November 02, 2022
Tired (or restless) legs are a common problem among athletes or people with busy lifestyles. Do you do heavy work? Or do you exercise a lot? Then your legs are suffering. Everyone struggles with the phenomenon; heavy legs. Usually it is due to heavy exertion or the feeling after a long day at work. But how often do you actually think about the recovery of your legs? Probably not often enough or maybe you don't know at all why your leg recovery is so important. This blog will show you how to get your tired legs back to like-new with ease!

Why are your legs so important?

Your leg muscles (quadriceps) are the largest muscle groups in the body. These muscles absorb almost all efforts. Not surprising, then, if you suffer from tired legs so often! And to think that you can't put your legs on pause for a day? No, your legs are always ON. Actually, this paragraph describes exactly why it is so important to think about the recovery of your legs.

One of the most effective relaxation methods for your leg muscles is air compression massage. This massage technique works on air pressure, where air cuffs are filled with air which is alternately supplied to the muscles and then deflated. This creates pressure on the muscles which brings multiple benefits.

What benefits does it bring?

Think about improving blood flow or reducing muscle tension. In the sports and massage world everything revolves around blood circulation, because with optimal blood circulation, waste products can leave the body faster and you will recover faster after an activity. Top athletes often have a masseur to get the body back to peak performance as quickly as possible. But most usually athletes or hard workers unfortunately do not have that.

Air compression massage therapy is an accessible way to properly maintain your leg muscles. When you come to relax at night during your favorite series or TV show, place your legs in the cuffs, lie down and restore your legs while just relaxing! The session is automatically set to 30 minutes with a choice of different massage levels. So you can choose a relaxing massage and really enjoy yourself for a while. Or you can opt for a heavy intensive massage and then you'll have to work your ass off!

The FitGun Air-C Pro?

FitGun, in collaboration with several elite athletes and sports doctors, has developed a product that combines air compression massage and heat radiation. This evolutionary recovery method brings many positive effects. Among others:
  • Brings leg muscles to complete relaxation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces the feeling of restless legs
  • Combats muscle pain
  • Helps with chronic pain
  • Improves the skin
  • Reduces cellulite

    Tired restless legs fitgun


If you recognize yourself in the above problems, then it's definitely worth taking a look at our website. Who knows, maybe you will get rid of your pain or tired legs with the FitGun Air-C Pro!

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