FitGun Mini
FitGun Mini
FitGun Mini
FitGun Mini

    FitGun Mini

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      Verlicht spierspanning, versnel het spierherstel en voorkom blessures met de FitGun Mini Massage Gun. Het meest compacte massageapparaat dat je overal mee naartoe kunt nemen en je spieren overal volledig kunt laten ontspannen. Een combinatie van compactheid en kracht.

      Jouw persoonlijke masseur voor onderweg
      De FitGun Mini is de massage gun dat je overal mee naartoe neemt. Met het compacte en lichte apparaat kun je op elk moment van de dag je spieren voorzien van een massage behandeling. Of je nu op je werk bent, op weg naar je werk bent of 's avonds op de bank ligt. Verbeter je doorbloeding, versnel je herstel en voorkom blessures met de FitGun Mini Massage Gun.

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      FitGun Mini
      FitGun Mini
      FitGun Mini
      FitGun Mini
      FitGun Mini
      FitGun Mini
      FitGun Mini
      FitGun Mini

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      FitGun Mini


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      Verlicht je spierspanning, versnel je herstel en voorkom blessures met de Mini FitGun Massage Gun. Het meest compacte massage apparaat wat je overal mee naar toe kunt nemen en jouw spieren waar dan ook volledig kan laten ontspannen. Een combinatie van compactheid en vermogen.

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      Enjoy 4 benefits from use instantly


      By using FitGun's special QuietDepth Technology, we were able to reduce the size of this Mini massage gun while maintaining quality requirements such as sound reduction and power.

      3 hour battery life

      The Mini Massage Gun should always be there when you need it. That's why the Mini has a working time of up to 3 hours with a fully charged battery.

      Quiet & Compact

      Even though the massage gun is small in size, this device features an incredibly low decibel output. Provide yourself with a professional massage in silence.

      Light & Practical

      Practical, comfortable and portable for muscle relaxation wherever you are. A powerful treatment brought together in a compact device.

      Powerful and compact

      With only 1.2 kilograms, this massage gun is the perfect on-the-go device. Take it wherever you go so you can recover wherever you want.With 3 hours of battery life and an incredibly quiet technology, the FitGun Mini has the perfect combination of power and portability for a specialized relaxation massage.

      Select intensity as needed

      Do you have deep muscle knots? No problem: adjust the required speed with the choice of 4 speeds. Start the massage treatment slowly and increase it to a maximum of 2800 RPM (rounds per minute). The FitGun releases every muscle!

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      • FitGun Mini
      • Suitcase
      • 4 Massage heads
      • Charger
      • User manual

      For who is compression technology?

      Discover the benefits for you


      When you want to take your music anywhere, you need headphones built to keep up. With impact-resistant materials, glass-filled nylon and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, they’re engineered to survive life on the go. 

      Heavy job

      Do you do heavy work or do you have to stand all day long? Then there is a lot of lactic acid built up in your muscles, which leads to sourness or even cramps in the legs. The use of the Air-C Pro stimulates the blood circulation so that waste products (lactic acid) leave the body faster and you experience relaxation in the legs in a short time.

      Chronic pain patients

      The Air-C Pro is very effective to combat chronic complaints such as restless legs and lymphedema. This massage technique stimulates blood flow to the areas that need it most, relieving pain and increasing mobility. Also, the Air-C Pro provides heat radiation to the knee, which shows positive results on annoying long-term knee problems.

      People with a sedentary job

      When you sit for long periods of time, the biggest muscles of the body are not used at all; especially your leg muscles. Decreased lymphatic circulation is a result of sedentary behavior (inactive lifestyle) and can lead to annoying unwanted diseases. Fortunately, using the Air-C Pro recovery boots helps to improve lymph circulation and can help you to avoid those problems.

      And for everyone

      We believe that your physical well-being is related to your mental well-being. The fundamental principle of FitGun is that you can exercise without restrictions and to push your limits without experiencing limitations. The body is the most important tool you have. Regardless of your age or gender. Maintain your body in an accessible and effective way with the Air-C Pro from FitGun.

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