FitGun speeds up muscle recovery and makes complete muscle relaxation possible for everyone.

Recover Like No One Does

Building a better recovery

We believe that your physical well-being is related to your mental well-being. The starting point of FitGun is that you can exercise unhindered and if desired push your limits, without experiencing limitations. We believe that your body is the most important tool you have. Regardless of your age or gender. We want you to be able to maintain your body in the most easy and effective way possible and therefore we like to do our part. With us, your muscles are in reliable and expert hands.

Our mission? Let your muscles relax!

In everything we do, muscle recovery and deep relaxation are our main focus. After a tough training, a solid workout, but just as well after a hard day at work. Every body needs to relax!From that vision, our mission was born: To get and especially to keep everyone fit. Top athlete, amateur or recreational athlete? Muscle recovery is extremely important for everyone and we want to provide everyone with the right tools.

Relaxation prevents injuries

The chance of injuries is reduced if you pay enough attention to muscle recovery and muscle relaxation. By taking care of your muscles in the right way you can ensure that you remain pain and injury free. At FitGun we believe that this is at least as important as pushing your limits.

FitGun Recovery Massage Gun

Muscle relaxation for everyone

Every body is unique. In fact, there is no other body like yours. Every athlete is different. This is why we have chosen to develop products that works on the muscles and can be customized. Every muscle group is unique and therefore deserves extra individual attention. Our motivation is to treat every muscle in the most relaxing way.

At FitGun we are constantly looking for improvements and we keep an open mind for technological developments. We listen to (top) athletes, scientists, doctors, trainers and customers. In this way, we develop customized professional products with an exceptionally beneficial effect on the muscles. Complete muscle recovery and muscle relaxation is our goal. Now and in the future!

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