Air-C Pro leg massager

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The Air-C Pro is a medical air compression massage device that applies air pressure in a specific rhythm and then releases. This enables new, nutrient-rich blood to enter and supply the cells with oxygen. Athletes can recover after exercise or training faster because the pressure encourages the release of waste products, which lessens tiredness and delayed post-exercise muscular pain and encourages the clearance of lactic acid.


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What's included

Air-C Pro

The Air-C Pro recovery boots with 3 different compression modus + a heat massage.

Travel case

Including our travel case worth of €24,95 that allows you to take your Air-C Pro everywhere.

Remote controller

The Air-C Pro is provided with the controller to adjust every single massage program. 


A complete guide about muscle recovery, FitGun products + bonus module nutrition.

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This leg massager is fully focused on improving the blood circulation in the legs. FitGun is forever changing the recovery game.

FitGun places a strong emphasis on providing customers with positive experiences in addition to high-quality items.

With more then 200 positive reviews on Amazon, FitGun is the most trusted recovery partner of many athletes

Here's how you can keep your leg's pain free.

When the blood circulation in your legs is deteriorated, you may experience all kinds of pain and this slows down your recovery process. The Air-C Pro improves the blood circulation in your legs and ensures healthy legs.

Why choose FitGun Air-C Pro?

Muscle relaxation

Powerful compression therapy for deep muscle relaxation.

Quiet Operation

The FitGun Air-C Pro operates quietly because of it's strong motor.

Multiple Speed

Customize your massage with multiple compression settings.

Trusted by athletes

"Recovery is very important for me. Especially when preparing for the upcoming marathon. The Air-C Pro goes wherever I go"

Nuria Lungueros

International Marathon Athlete

"There is no better tool then this leg massager after a heavy leg day, the best way to end my training"

Jeff Kamalo

Professional Fitness Athlete

"This is exactly what my legs need after an intensive CrossFit session. The best of the best!"

Angela van Rijn

Professional CrossFit Athlete

Full relaxation

Come home after a long day at work or after an intense sports session. Put on the leg sleeves, press the preferred program and relax.

The FitGun Elite Massage Gun is a game-changer for muscle recovery.

Mark Jensen

This massage gun is powerful, lightweight, and easy to use.

Simone Smith

I highly recommend the FitGun Elite Massage Gun to every athlete.

Marie Kingston

How to use the FitGun Air-C Pro?

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  • €600+

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  • No

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  • Not Included

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