FitGun Mini

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Your on the go massager
The FitGun Mini is the massage gun you take with you wherever you go. The compact and lightweight device allows you to relax your muscles at any time of the day. Whether you are at work, on your way to school or lying on the couch at night. Improve your blood flow, speed up your recovery and prevent injuries with the FitGun Mini Massage Gun.


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    What's included

    FitGun Mini

    The compact & powerful massage gun with the specialized Quiet-Depth technology by FitGun.


    Including our travel case worth of €24,95 that allows you to take your FitGun Elite wherever you go.

    Massage heads

    The Elite is provided with custom massage heads that have been designed to treat every muscle group.


    A complete guide about muscle recovery, FitGun products + bonus module nutrition.

    The FitGun has been featured in…

    A massage for your body that is so specifically targeted has never existed before. FitGun is forever changing the recovery game.

    FitGun places a strong emphasis on providing customers with positive experiences in addition to high-quality items.

    With more then 200 positive reviews on Amazon, FitGun is the most trusted recovery
    partner of many athletes

    Say goodbye to muscle soreness and pain

    When a muscle has a lot of knots, it is harder for blood to flow through it. This causes waste products to build up in the muscle, leading to pain and discomfort. Massage gun eliminates this problem.

    Why choose Fitgun Recovery?

    Percussive Therapy

    Powerful therapy mechanism for deep massage, boosted blood flow and pain relief

    Quiet Operation

    Our equipment operates quietly for use in public or at home.

    Removable Heads

    Target different body areas with FitGun's interchangeable heads.

    Lightweight Design

    Portable FitGun equipment is perfect for use anytime, anywhere.

    Long Battery Life

    Uninterrupted recovery sessions with long-lasting device batteries.

    Multiple Speed

    Customize your massage with multiple speed settings on all devices.


    With only 1.2 kilograms, this massage gun is the perfect on-the-go device. Take it wherever you go so you can recover wherever you want.With 3 hours of battery life and an incredibly quiet technology, the FitGun Mini has the perfect combination of power and portability for a specialized relaxation massage.


    Do you have deep muscle knots? No problem: adjust the required speed with the choice of 4 speeds. Start the massage treatment slowly and increase it to a maximum of 2800 RPM (rounds per minute). The FitGun releases every muscle!

    The FitGun Mini Massage Gun is the perfect on the go recovery tool.

    Mark Jensen

    This massage gun is powerful, lightweight, and easy to use.

    Simone Smith

    I highly recommend the FitGun Mini Massage Gun to every athlete.

    Marie Kingston

    How to use the FitGun Mini Massage Gun?

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