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We recommend using the massage gun for a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute per muscle group. The massage treatment does not have to be long, as long as it is effective and to achieve the best results we recommend using the massage gun for a maximum of 1 minute on 1 muscle group. The more often you use the product the more relaxed and better supplied your muscles will be. This will ensure that you avoid injuries, you recover faster after a sporting activity and you can control tense muscles.

The Massage Gun is equipped with 1-5 intensity levels where level 1 can already be sufficient for beginners. If you are a professional athlete and have experience with massaging then we recommend gradually increasing the intensity. Let your body be the guide and listen to your body. 

Percussion massage can sometimes be experienced as painful. But this has mainly to do with the fact that the muscles being massaged are very tense. It is important to let the body get used to this massage method, so the brains get stimulated so that the muscle will find more relaxation. Advice here is to start at a low intensity when you feel that it hurts.

Percussion massage is a massage system that uses a throbbing mechanism to deliver throbbing punches to the muscle and muscle tissue. These powerful knocks can allow the muscle tissue (which is normally very stiff in athletes and people with heavy work/office work always) to relax and drastically improve blood flow. Through this evolutionary massage method, athletes can get more out of muscle recovery and any muscle can be brought into relaxation.

  • Reduce highly tensed muscles
  • Preventing injuries
  • Accelerating the recovery process
  • Improving blood circulation (blood flow)
  • Relaxing treatment